BJ Cherry Jang 2018.09
Sungsil Ryu
Single channel video, 11’, 2018
P5379 Sungsil Ryu1

Streamer and influencer Cherry Jang refers to herself as a “first-class citizen” and preaches to Koreans about the secret of obtaining “first-class citizenship” (a first requirement being the deposit of money into Cherry Jang’s bank). Talking in a high-pitched modulated voice, playful graphics appear and disappear on screen as Cherry Jang vacillates between influencer, scammer, and conspiracy theorist.

BJ Cherry Jang 2018.09 is one of a series of videos that records the influencer’s activities before her untimely death in 2020 and her second life as an angel.

Sungsil Ryu focuses on Korea's indigenous culture in a collision with neoliberalism. She created the virtual streamer Cherry Jang and presented the Cherry Jang Series, which parodies the online marketing industry.