see also: a set of compressed images and feelings
fantastic little splash
Simulation, custom steel structure, 2023
C87 A4292 Kopie CCBYNCSA Silke Briel

In see also: the set of compressed images and feelings, fantastic little splash explore the online formation of a fragile yet necessary Ukrainian collectivity – a collectivity formed under duress of the war. Through this collection of burnt-out, compressed, pixelated, and blurred images, they attempt to decipher feelings and images through distorted perception systems, logics of wartime (self) censorship, and the politics of digital platforms.

Calling attention to the emotional and affective labour that Ukrainians engage with in maintaining this solidarity, see also maps how these collective experiences are distorted by digital infrastructure, policies, and cyberwar, and endure despite close proximity to the scaling and synchronisation effects of technology. Made in Unity, the installation allows the user to browse the archive with limited control.

Lera Malchenko and Oleksandr Hants are part of the two-month Digital Art Residency programme in collaboration with Pro Helvetia. see also: the set of compressed images and feelings was developed during the residency.

fantastic little splash is a Ukraine-based collective comprising journalist / artist Lera Malchenko and artist / director Oleksandr Hants. Combining art practice and media studies, fantastic little splash is interested in utopias and dystopia, the collective imagination and its incarnations, projections, delusions, and uncertainties.