Lauren Lee McCarthy
Poster series across the city of Berlin, 2023
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Travelling the U-Bahn can often mean an uncomfortable proximity to the bodies of others. An unease that, during the last two years, has only become exacerbated by the increasing biosurveillance that we have been under, shifting how we relate to our environments and one another. Databases of DNA related material are stored, processed, bought, and sold for services in lieu of public health and environmental safety. “Insights” from data not only impose economic values and a framework around biological material and identity but also quantify traits, marking some as desirable. Testing generates speculative insights into our relationship and unprecedented access to biodata.

Throughout the city’s U-Bahn network, a series of posters can be found that prompt us to reflect and think about how we relate to the intimacies between surveillance, risk, and biological data.

Posters can be picked from transmediale warehouse, while stocks last.

Lauren Lee McCarthy is an artist examining social relationships in the midst of surveillance, automation, and algorithmic living.