The Ones who Left on Luges
single channel video, colour, sound, 15‘53‘‘, 2022

Troubling the relationship between labour, capital, power, and so-called freedom, The Ones Who Left on Luges opens with a story of protest against a “state" that takes its own people hostage in exchange for wage labour. Critiquing the state’s dominance as the only issuer of currency, a kind of NGO called ‘The Ones Who Left On Luges’ proposes a way to create a new currency for those who labour in the world of the film, day in and day out. Persuaded by these whispers (albeit moved by different reasons), individuals go on to participate in surveys, get on luges, and find themselves in a bubble receiving company coin — only to then hibernate for some 60 years. Upon waking, they face a choice they must make all on their own: whether to stay in the bubble, clutching the 987,654,321 coins they’ve amassed while asleep, or return to the state to become free.

업체eobchae Audiovisual production unit ‘업체eobchae’ manufactures and deals with commodities or services with an unconstrained critical viewpoint, and consists of Nahee Kim, Cheonseok Oh, and Hwi Hwang. 업체eobchae wanders between computing equipment and screens of various sizes, striving to fully complete the commission as inscribed in a contract.