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Algorithmic Solidarities

with eeefff

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Algorithmic Solidarities With eeefff

Exploring anti-war railway sabotage in Belarus through the scalar organisation of digital logistics, eeefff demonstrates how these cybernetic chains can be interrupted. In this demo, they describe the process of reafference – the sending of signals by sensors to direct and coordinate movements - as a site of potential logistical sabotage.

From large-scale computing projects implemented in the main computing centre of the railway line to the sensors placed along the railway tracks, eeefff shows how reafference can collapse, break and scale in unexpected places, causing the algorithmic logistical machine to shake. Delving into the politics of logistical cybernetics, the demo explores how people living on the territory of Belarus defend the colonial seizure of infrastructure from Russian authorities for economic and military use.

Algorithmic solidarities is an outcome of The school of algorithmic solidarity, which was initiated by eeefff in 2022 to explore the relations between infrastructural time, algorithmic abstractions, and bodies.

eeefff are artistic cooperation / made-up institution / cybernetic political brigade / poetic computations / hacking unit / queer time. It is neither one of these, nor all together. active from 2013, eeefff make software-based projects, publications, networks, and platforms that critically explore digital labour, value extraction, and community formation in Eastern Europe.