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Blue! Probably?

with Georgina Voss

  • Lecture Performance
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Blue! Probably?

In this lecture performance, Georgina Voss explores the emotions and political economies that circle around large-scale technological infrastructures. Tracing connections between software, systems, and the technological sublime, Voss draws together intersecting stories that traverse the scales beyond human form and lifespan. From documenting love for the machines of institutional bureaucracy, to fear and desire in the face of mega-engineering projects, to convincing performances of fervour in technical work, Blue! Probably? explores the spectacle and real hardcore feelings around size, heft, and honest-to-God magnitude.

Georgina Voss is an artist, writer, and educator. Her work explores the presence and politics of large-scale technologies, heavy industry, and complex systems through performance, multi-media installations, writing, and long-term research projects.