• Akademie der Künste / Hanseatenweg / Bar Upstairs
La Orejona Records’ Sharing Station

with Nicole L’Huillier

  • Workshop

The La Orejona Records’ Sharing Station invites visitors to make hand-made 5” vinyl records and cassette tapes with audio recorded during the membrane’s improvisation sessions at the sculpture, La Orejona, installed in the garden. Devised as a way to share resonant moments of making-together, the La Orejona Records’ Sharing Station is a space for shared actions of making, archiving, replicating, reproducing, offering, listening, and dialoguing. Curious visitors are welcome to sit and make at the small and cosy fabrication studio. The vinyl and cassettes produced double as an archive of the artwork and as special editions and gifts for participants. While making the physical copies, participants will share tea or wine with L'Huillier and are invited to engage in dialogue and with questions and ideas related to vibrational imagination, pulsating temporalities, more-than-human ensembles, collective improvisation and listening as emergence.

Nicole L’Huillier works with sounds, vibrations, resonances, and multiple transductions to explore more-than-human performativity and agency from micro to cosmic scales; to create membranal and resonant (neo)rituals; and to investigate vibrations and sounds as construction materials for spaces and identity.
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