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Logistical Counter-Cartographies

with Charmaine Chua

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Logistical Counter-Cartographies With Charmaine Chua

Logistics – as language, practice, and strategy for organising the globe-spanning distribution of goods – increasingly script the expansion of capitalist commerce into daily life. Fabricating the world at monstrous scales, logistics can appear too big to fail – except when they do, constantly – through popular interventions, disruptions, and uprisings waged against their circulation. Thinking through the contradictions that logistics produce, this demo, developed and led by Charmaine Chua, builds on years of organising with Amazon and other supply chain workers to ask how class struggle emerges from the belly of the logistics beast. How does approaching technologies of scale from the perspective of workers and insurgent research produce possibilities for a communist, counter-logistical infrastructure?

Exploring tactics of survivability, insurgence, and resistance in these just-in-time worlds, Chua will weave an insurgent map that seeks to respond to scales of capitalist distribution with scales of collective, worker-led solidarity across supply chains. During the demo, Chua will demonstrate tools and techniques to allow the audience to generate their own supply chain mapping.

Charmaine Chua is a writer, organizer, educator, and a professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She organizes with logistics workers in Amazonians United.