• Embassy of Canada
Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2023

with Svitlana Matviyenko

Moderated by Nabil Ahmed

  • Lecture
Nuclear Cyberwar:
Speeds and Vectors of Energy Terrorism
Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2023

Wars have many beginnings, but generally, they refuse to end. They erupt and proceed beyond the front lines, surpassing what we understand as boundaries to become milieux and difficult to detect when they proliferate and blend with the realms of so-called peace.

The anchoring point of the martial environment preceding the ongoing fossil-fuel war is found at the nexus of cyber and nuclear, and it has become prominent through the many acts of energy terrorism that have been deployed during the war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. A war taking place within a colonial legacy wherein the imperial vector of terror has long been aligned with a hidden inter-imperial vector of deterrence.

The Marshall McLuhan Lecture 2023 will decipher the fast-forming military assemblages that engulf and impact webs of life-affirming relations, and detect the vectors of slow and fast violence that spread and scale toward uncertain futures.

The transmediale Marshall McLuhan Lecture is a cooperation between transmediale and the Embassy of Canada in Berlin.

Svitlana Matviyenko 's research and teaching are focused on information and cyberwar; media and environment; infrastructure studies.
Nabil Ahmed is the founder and co-director of INTERPRT, a research agency that pursues environmental justice through spatial and visual investigations.