• Akademie der Künste / Hanseatenweg / Studio
Micro, Meso, Macro

with Asia Bazdyrieva, Dennis Dizon, Nadim Choufi

Moderated by Johannes Bruder

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Micro, Meso, Macro

The current energy crisis is not accidental. Planetary-scale technologies, models, procedures, diplomacies, geological prospecting, and other imaging techniques construct territories as exploitable resources in an infinitely upscaling process toward so-called large-scale sustainable growth. People, life forms, land, and other intelligences are violently rendered as elements of material transactions, while traces of colonial logic and motivations continue to re-emerge at varying scales. However, the deep and ongoing damage that occurs through myths of freely available, frictionless resources are being met with material resistance.

Asia Bazdyrieva, Dennis Dizon, and Nadim Choufi come together in conversation with Johannes Bruder to question the sociotechnical fantasies of extraction, energy and their scalability. Together they ask: who gets to imagine energy and ecologies for living? Which stakeholders for which ecologies? How can we actively develop anti-imperial material imaginations? What does it mean to remake our affective attachment to energy infrastructures?