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Onset ⊹ Applied Demonology

with Anna Engelhardt, Mark Cinkevich

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Onset ⊹ Applied Demonology With Anna Engelhardt, Mark Cinkevich

‘Applied demonology’ is a method developed by Anna Engelhardt and Mark Cinkevich for interrogating the spectre of colonial violence. This demo reconstructs a multinational crime scene to determine a sequence of events behind the ongoing devastation and consumption of sovereign countries. Beginning with the deployment of Russian troops, the artists explore the horrors of colonialism through the processes of possession, those gradual impositions of control over organisms that lead to their destruction from within. To scrutinise Russian military strategy as possession, they create an unholy alliance between demonology and open-source intelligence tools.

Following a brief introduction, Engelhardt and Cinkevich invite the audience to apply these investigative tools in practice. The demo will conclude with a session in which participants will learn to search for the vulnerabilities of the demon. Participants will be provided with the GPS coordinates of Russian military infrastructure. Classified until now, these structures are open for attack.

Anna Engelhardt is a Russian research-based media artist and writer whose practice examines infrastructures of post-Soviet cyberspace through a decolonial lens, with the overarching aim of dismantling Russian imperialism. Engelhardt is based in London.
Mark Cinkevich is a postcolonial researcher and artist based in Warsaw. Cinkevich’s scholarly focus is on tracking emergent trends in the post-Soviet infrastructural and social landscape, with particular attention to exploring the concepts of nuclear colonialism, infrastructural colonialism, extractivism, and monstrosity.
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