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with Hannah Jayanti, Alexander Porter

  • Lecture Performance
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Strata is a live documentary performance by Hannah Jayanti and Alexander Porter. Each iteration of the performance is a unique call and response between live documentary editing and interactive visual effects. From paleontology to foraging, wildlife management to nuclear arms, indigenous herbalism to cattle ranching, the performance burrows through time, scale, and species to see the human animal shaping lands to define their futures.

Depicting a series of paths overlaid on the verdant Badlands of South Dakota, the performance uses 3D scanning, game engines, and augmented reality to observe figures walking through the landscape, sharing their unique observations and insights.

Examining the technological apparatus and models that define our management and, increasingly, our understanding of our world, Strata traverses this vast terrain through worlds of prehistoric death and dry river beds without leaving a tiny patch of land.

Strata is the live component of the multi-form documentary project Topography.

Director, Performer: Alexander Porter, Hannah Jayanti
Creative Direction, 3D Capture: Alexander Porter
(Live) Editor, Cinematography: Hannah Jayanti
Game Developer: Jacob Burke
Immersive Producer Consultant: Juan Pedro Agurcia
Visual Design Consultant: Michele Graffieti
Science Communication Advisor: Francesco Fiondella
Field Producer: Christian Knutson

Hannah Jayanti is a documentary filmmaker, organizer, and educator. She focuses on process and form as spaces of ethical and political exploration. Her work is centered around questions of place, power, listening, memory, time, and interdependence.
Alexander Porter is an Emmy-award-winning immersive director, documentarian, and educator. Alexander is an inventor and designer behind the first and most widely used software for volumetric video production.