• Akademie der Künste / Hanseatenweg / Salon
The (◕‿◕✿) side of supremacy

with Noura Tafeche

  • Workshop

The overproduction of personal images, communicative militarism, and the sexualization of propaganda are colliding and transfiguring in strange and surprising ways, giving rise to a growing production of online content where tenderness and violence are commingling and flourishing. Based on Noura Tafeche’s ongoing visual and conceptual research, this workshop uses Tafeche’s archives as a starting point to raise questions about the contemporaneous mutations and forms of violence and their affect in online visual cultures.

Moving between the paradoxes of consumerism and performativity, entertainment and depression, militarism and leisure, participants are invited to map out the dynamics, evolutions and consequences linked to this online visual culture; to create visual micro-artefacts that may act as unconventional forms of counter-propaganda; or, to develop subtle techniques of subterfuge that expose the gamification of recruitment strategies and the development of strategies to counter it.

Noura Tafeche is a visual artist and independent researcher with a particular interest in net.art and radical entertainment and continued her university studies in Philosophy.