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The View from Above Takes My Breath Away – Fully

with Nadim Choufi

  • Lecture Performance
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The View from Above Takes My Breath Away – Fully With Nadim Choufi

In The View from Above Takes My Breath Away – Fully, Nadim Choufi explores the contradictory scales and techniques of visualisation that have divided the world in an attempt to unify it for a global environmental view. Observing how sustainability projects in the Middle East were advanced through the adoption of the view from above, this lecture performance examines how political determinations and ambitions of this mode of visualisation identified certain regions as lands for resources to develop them into globally productive lands. Tracing the thin lines between possession and preservation, fertility and extraction, colonial thinking and environmental advancement, Choufi brings together visual cultures of maps, roller coasters, UNESCO programmes, and Walt Disney animations to expose the underlying desire for domination in a global environmentalism that claims to save the Earth.

Nadim Choufi is an artist living in Beirut. He primarily focuses on the material histories and futures of innovation, their social and political driving forces, and the visual and literary practices that surround them.