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transmediale x CTM 2023 Closing Concert

with Amnesia Scanner, Freeka Tet, Team Rolfes

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Despite an always-growing fanbase, the duo Amnesia Scanner have managed to remain relatively enigmatic. Their trajectory has over the last years brought forth a steady string of digitally-grotesque, aesthetically-cryptic videos and releases that jolt bodies into irregular dancing action and carnivalize the present. Revealed through these strong aesthetics is a deep fascination with system vulnerabilities, informational overload, and sensory excess. Closing out the 2023 editions of transmediale and CTM, Amnesia Scanner will premiere their new work Strobe.rip in collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Freeka Tet. The combination of provocative aesthetics from two celebrated artistic projects fuses into an affecting narrative about isolation and survival within today’s collapsing ecosystems and information environments. At the core of their work is an interest in how the contemporary experience is mediated, including the ways in which listening to music and live performance is evolving as digital ecosystems are proliferating. With extremely detailed, 16k, fantasy vivid colours, and maximum texture, the concert will serve as the launch to a new collaborative body of work to be unleashed throughout 2023 via further live performances plus digital and physical releases on the lauded label PAN, in various formats.

Opening the night are Team Rolfes with 3-2-1 Rule, a VR-puppeted, motion capture avatar-ed, mixed-reality narrative project that will appear in a live stage adaptation at CTM. Directed by Sam Rolfes and written by spam poet Jacob Bakkila, the story follows Eris Wonderful, a memory hunter gig worker in a near-future metaverse. This manic AV mashup of real-time 3D avatar theatre, metaverse-parody games features an original score by Galen Tipton, a half-sardonic digital slapstick, half-hyperpop scream ballad.

Amnesia Scanner are a Berlin-based duo Ville Haimala and Martti Kalliala who create cryptic, deconstructed club music using a variety of sampled sources. Through a series of online mixtapes, innovative websites, and multimedia performances, they became one of the vanguard acts of the experimental club scene. The duo made their full-length debut with the 2018 *avant-EDM* album *Another Life*.
Freeka Tet Freeka Tet is a New York City-based digital artist and creative mercenary working in the realm of experimental art. His practice combines objects, prosthetics, animatronics, hacking, coding, electronics, audio & video plunderphonics, bricolage, and performance-based work. Taking inspiration from internet culture, memes, trolls, and irrational social human behaviour, Tet reinterprets the elements he comes into contact with, blurring creative expression with technical execution.
Team Rolfes is NYC-based, pioneering virtual performance studio and image house was founded by directors Sam Rolfes and Andy Rolfes.