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Worlds in Figures

with Evan Roth

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Worlds in Figures With Evan Roth

There is no perfect way to flatten a sphere onto a plane. Every mapping projection algorithm is flawed and contains bias, although in different ways. Where some might lean towards accurate proportions, others could aim to preserve scale. Worlds in Figures is a free software that runs in a browser and includes over 130 mapping projections ranging from 150 AD to 2018. Created to illustrate how ideologies of a creator can and do affect worldviews, the projections and controls in Worlds in Figures allow users to manipulate any imported image with these historical algorithms.

This software demo led by Evan Roth will explain the background of these functions, using projection mapping to guide participants through the manipulation of images.

Evan Roth 's practice visualizes, archives, and challenges our perceptions of typically unseen aspects of rapidly changing communication technologies. His work addresses the personal and cultural effects surrounding these changes and the role of individual agency within the media landscape.