Xcessive Aesthetics
AR installation, 2023
Xcessive Aesthetics Avascape photo by Juan Saez 2

Can a mesh landscape be occupied? How is the digital mapped and scaled to its physical reality?
Contending with the constraints and uncertainties of living between the physical and the digital, Avascape is an augmented reality installation navigating between the landscape of the city and its digital representation. Applying simulation characteristics such as cloth and rigid body, the installation experiments with ideas of inflation and deflation, and explores glitches within simulation techniques that attempt to replicate physical reality.
Exhibited at transmediale warehouse, the installation is an immersive space that questions the relation between the body, surfaces, 3D meshes and the city’s landscape, in which visitors can stand, sit, lie down and be enveloped.

Avascape can be experienced at transmediale warehouse.

Xcessive Aesthetics is an all-female interdisciplinary architecture collective exploring data and alternate realities through spatial installations. XA is made up of 6 members based in London and internationally, from Brazil to Bangkok.