Líneas de poder *** /// *** Powerlines
Elisa Balmaceda
Two-channel video installation, electronics, magnetic stone, 2023
Installation shot Elisa Balmaceda Líneas de poder Powerlines 2023 photo by Silke Briel 01

Líneas de poder *** /// *** Powerlines explores the possibility of challenging dominant energetic extractive economies through Andean cosmotechnics. Combining personal and experimental research on solar and geomagnetic data with her training by Andean energetic practitioners and investigation on unknown archives of parascientific knowledge in Germany, the project seeks to bring new understanding to the relations between these energies with the human body and planetary cycles. Taking a “huaca” in the artist's hometown as a starting point, Líneas de poder *** /// *** Powerlines reimagines the ceque system – a series of ritual pathways leading outward from Cusco into the rest of the Inca Empire. In this installation, Elisa Balmaceda reimagines these lines, linking them to the contemporary post-natural landscape, which is dominated by electric power lines and private extractive infrastructures.

Elisa Balmaceda is part of the two-month residency programme in collaboration with Chile. Líneas de poder *** /// *** Powerlines was developed during the residency.

Elisa Balmaceda is a visual artist, educator and experimental researcher interested in the entanglements of the material, energetic and spiritual aspects of the ecologies we inhabit. She co-created the platform visionaryecologies.xyz, a collaborative space exploring the intersections of art, ecology, and the visionary.