Vivienne Griffin
Video with research from Cari Hyde-Vaamonde , 12’, 2021-2022
Vivienne Griffin Mercy 2022 2

Mercy is a video work in two parts. The first section presents a text based allegory of a collective unconscious nervous breakdown. This is accompanied by a melancholic folk song that is turned to noise as it’s processed by a generative algorithm. Using a speed reading technique, this first section of Mercy consists of multiple voices that communicate on disparate subjects.

Made with Turing Institute researcher, lawyer, and court advocate Cari Hyde-Vaamonde, the second section of the video uses visual metaphors to describe complex systems in Cari’s research, and explains complex algorithmic systems to non-computer literate users within the legal system. Exploring binaries of on/off, yes/no, 0/1, Mercy searches for emancipatory prompts within technology, machine, and human interaction.

Vivienne Griffin (they/them) is an anti-disciplinary artist who uses video, sound, metal, stone, and drawing. Griffin explores the emancipatory prompts that technology can offer us through the ancient technology of the voice or raw materials alongside the digital binary.