Missile Command
Hannah Jayanti & Alexander Porter

Missile Command is a story told at a game console inside a nuclear control facility. It follows a 1980’s Atari developer who took inspiration from nuclear game theory. The short film asks: what times, scales, and histories are left untouched by an unbeatable arcade game that points towards the end of the world?

Hannah Jayanti and Alexander Porter’s Missile Command is an excerpt taken from the artists’ forthcoming, multi-format project Topography.

Hannah Jayanti is a documentary filmmaker, organizer, and educator. She focuses on process and form as spaces of ethical and political exploration. Her work is centered around questions of place, power, listening, memory, time, and interdependence.
Alexander Porter is an Emmy-award-winning immersive director, documentarian, and educator. Alexander is an inventor and designer behind the first and most widely used software for volumetric video production.