• Akademie der Künste / Hanseatenweg / Bar Upstairs
Blowing and Breathing

with Nicole L’Huillier

  • Workshop

The second recording session of La Orejona Records offers a moment of gathering with a collective activation of the membrane in a cañitas (pan flute) blowing session. Participants will be invited to take a cañita from the body of La Orejona and blow into it, joining the improvised blowing and breathing ensemble. Participation is open to anyone, regardless of musical training or capacity. A demonstration of the cañitas will take place at the beginning of the session.

Nicole L’Huillier works with sounds, vibrations, resonances, and multiple transductions to explore more-than-human performativity and agency from micro to cosmic scales; to create membranal and resonant (neo)rituals; and to investigate vibrations and sounds as construction materials for spaces and identity.