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Far Away is Close at Hand in Images of Elsewhere

with Graeme Arnfield, Lex Brown

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With the capacity to carry knowledge from one location to another, images can be used to document power but also project power over space and its people. Exploring how remote images coerce, control, and shape our realities, Lex Brown and Graeme Arnfield question how images scale across time and space to create power, control, resistance, and fear.

In Communication, Lex Brown adopts the persona of multiple employees who work for the fictional multinational telecommunications company, ‘Omnesia’. Broadcasting across the district of New Greater Framingham, Omnesia uses images to coerce its consumer-citizens into ‘the future’ - a tomorrow where the corporation displaces residents from their homes and community.

Graeme Arnfield’s Home Invasion explores the development of Amazon’s smart doorbell - Ring. Installed and enabled by its customers, Amazon’s Ring represents the largest surveillance network in the world, broadcasting live images and audio from the front porches and doorways of millions of homes.

Lex Brown a visual artist and performer using poetry and science-fiction to create an index for our psychological and emotional experiences as organic beings in a rapidly technologized world.
Graeme Arnfield is an artist filmmaker, and composer living in London. Producing sensory essay films from networked imagery his films use methods of investigative storytelling to explore issues of technology, ecology, and history.
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