• Akademie der Künste / Hanseatenweg / Studio
Performance in the Present Tense

with Nina Davies, Sungsil Ryu, Vivienne Griffin

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As algorithms optimise and scale across networks and platforms, they determine the rules, parameters, and possibilities for those entangled in them. Questioning the possibilities and limits of performing for algorithms, Nina Davies, Sungsil Ryu, and Vivienne Griffin ask what happens when you work only to computational logics.

Sungsil Ryu portrays viral lifestyle guru 체리 장 ‘Cherry Jang’, a Korean social media influencer who offers her followers tips on how to achieve ‘first-class citizenship’. An assemblage of TikTok posts in Nina Davies For an Imaginary Page explores the daily conversations we have with algorithms as we share with them our interests and personal stories as though they were our friends. In Mercy, artist Vivienne Griffin collaborates with barrister Cari Hyde-Vaamonde to create a sound-driven work that investigates the impact of algorithms on the highly performative field of the judiciary and courtroom.

Nina Davies is a Canadian/British artist who considers the present moment through observing dance in popular culture; how it's disseminated, circulated, made, and consumed.
Sungsil Ryu focuses on Korea's indigenous culture in a collision with neoliberalism. She created the virtual streamer Cherry Jang and presented the Cherry Jang Series, which parodies the online marketing industry.
Vivienne Griffin (they/them) is an anti-disciplinary artist who uses video, sound, metal, stone, and drawing. Griffin explores the emancipatory prompts that technology can offer us through the ancient technology of the voice or raw materials alongside the digital binary.
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